Home Appliances Chain

ParaTech ERP Software is a fully integrated solution that helps appliance and consumer electronics distributors simplify difficult supply chain requirements, improve bottom lines and increase team productivity.


Wholesale & Distribution

1. Safety Stock Calculation Based On Material Usage

2. Billing Customers for an Order before Shipping

3. Supporting an OEM's End Customers

4. Selling to Chain Stores

5. Delivery Scheduling to Chain Stores / Customers Using a Fleet Truck / Van

 6. Selling an Assortment of Items as a Single Unit

 7. Shipping to One Customer when Billing a Different One

 8. Customer Bonuses

 9. MRP

10. Warehouse Management System (WMS)

11. Managing Special Offers for Your Customers

12. Maintaining Item Inventory for a Service Technician

13. Sales Forecasts (Targets) for Sales Reps

14. Branch Management in Logic ERP

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1.    Display stock retailing

2.    Payment Collection at the time of order entry at POS

3.    Special Price Approval at the time of Order entry

4.    Remote Approval through Email

5.    Composite Item tracking and auto display at all transaction.

6.    Buy back Item Tracking

7.    Financing facilities for payment at billing

8.    Repair and Replacement facility

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Project Management

Through our ERP system, businesses can manage projects independently so users can create plans, schedules, resource assignments, budgets, estimates, and more.

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All of this for one low price

Responsive best design, easy to use on any device (Mobile, Tablet & Computer), Includes free training, 24/7 technical support, no long-term commitment and no hidden fees.

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