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Windows Applications

We design and develop a variety of applications for Windows including specialized and custom software.

Cloud & Web Development

We develop multipurpose web based softwares and websites, you can use on any device at any time.

Database Management

ParaTech provides top-notch database management solutions for all types of businesses worldwide.

UX & UI Design

Our team of UX designers creates easy-to-understand interfaces for all kinds of applications.

QA & Testing

We pay a lot of attention to QA and Testing procedures to ensure the best quality of our software.

Mobile Apps

Our Mobile apps are highly rated by our users as they offer great features on all kind of smart phones.

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.NET Core


Vue JS

Node JS


SQL Server

Postgre SQL










Windows Server

Linux Server

Visual Studio

VS Code


Power BI




Message From CEO

After years I feel very privileged to be writing this message as the chief executive officer. We began our journey in 2001, and have spent the past decade continuing to build our services, which has now become identical with our commitment to helping our clients boost their business. As a company, we have seen much change over the past several years. For example: We don't just talk about what we have and what we can offer for you. Instead, we listen to what you need from us, recommend what's best and make it happen to help improve the efficiency of your business processes. We have expanded our presence globally; we have clients in Asia, Middle East and North America. It is also important to note what has not changed at ParaTech namely our commitment to provide exceptional service. We place strong emphasis in Research and Development, leading to the development of new technologies and new products."

Ch. Fiaz

CEO & Founder - ParaTech Software Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.

Concepting & Strategy

From fully fleshed-out concepts to one-sentence pitches, this is where our team stress-tests every project that comes through our doors. We want to know why your idea makes sense, why it’s going to be successful, why anyone would care about it. This is where our expert strategists will challenge assumptions and overhaul business plans.

Branding & Design

In a crowded marketplace, the perfect design will help your product stand out. It’s the first touchpoint you’ll have with users, and it’s important to make it count. Our diverse group of designers are united by their passion for good design and high-end aesthetic. The look and feel of your app will set the tone for everything else.

Development & Launch

Development is not just about writing code. The very first step in developing a perfect app is figuring out its architecture. We loop in our lead architect and a team of senior developers to pick the perfect technology stack for your product. And Incremental quality assurance analysis means that there are no surprises after the launch.

Trusted By The Best

A unique product of ParaTech Software Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. is, ParaTech ERP, a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning package that seamlessly integrates all aspects of the business, including planning, manufacturing, finance, deals, marketing and HR, through the colorful modules of ParaTech ERP. Paratech enables you to gain new request perceptivity and acclimatize to changes much more rapidly therefore furnishing you with an edge in the request. It seamlessly extends your operations beyond your association to tightly integrate suppliers and service providers into one, seamless value chain.

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