General Industries

ParaTech ERP Software provides solutions, processes and tools to assist you to manage your data and gain insights into your industry. Our ability to innovate based on market needs and a focus on faster time-to-value, provides latest-mile functionality to uphold the success of your business.


Centralized Modules

These allow users to manage grouped tasks without switching applications or screens. All information needed for a certain operation should be housed in the same part of the system.

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ERP Database

ERP systems rely on a central database from which all applications retrieve information. This provides all users with a single source of truth, ensuring all departments and teams work with the same set of information.

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ERP applications are fully integrated and should work together seamlessly. This means users should be able to go from one part of the system to another without feeling completely lost or like it is a different application. This also means the applications should freely share information with one another in real time. ERPs work to eliminate redundancies in your system and provide up-to-the-minute information.

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