Financial Accounting System

Cloud-based Accounting software automates an organization's financial functions and transactions with components including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, billing and general ledger. Business accounting system is particularly helpful when you need to generate reports. As a business owner you probably already know that proper data reports affect greatly the process of decision making.


Organizational Reporting

With cloud accounting, it’s also easier to get real-time reporting and visibility throughout your organization, with greater mobile capabilities and collaboration. Subscription-based models are popular among cloud accounting providers, and in most cases these subscriptions are usage-based. Companies that pay a cloud accounting subscription receive updates to the software as soon as they arrive, with no additional software purchases required.
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Will cloud accounting save money?

Companies that use cloud accounting require less initial server infrastructure to store data, and IT staff is not required to maintain it or update the cloud accounting system. Fewer expenses and no new software purchases mean greater savings for businesses. For the on-premises world, it is exact opposite. Every time a firm grows, they encounter greater software license and maintenance costs as well as new licenses and fees for database, systems management and other software.
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Benefits of Cloud Accounting on The ParaTech Platform

Many businesses are familiar with the ParaTech Platform already. They are comfortable with it and know how it works. We chose the platform to provide companies with a quick and simple way of transitioning their accounting to an easily accessible cloud platform that they already know and trust. The real power of the end-to-end solution is how ParaTech cloud based Accounting software enhances your business processes and reporting. This kicks off the accounting portion of the cloud based accounting software to the accounting process, creating a full transactional record that begins at the opportunity level and flows automatically through accounts receivable to the general ledger. This seamless process eliminates manual activities and automates the opportunity to cash process.

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All of this for one low price

Responsive best design, easy to use on any device (Mobile, Tablet & Computer), Includes free training, 24/7 technical support, no long-term commitment and no hidden fees.

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