Build a better dental lab

Simple, cloud-based lab management software that makes your dental lab better. Organize all the moving parts of your company while improving client management and increasing customer loyalty – join hundreds of Dental lab owners who rely on ParaTech to manage and grow their businesses.


Save Time and Money

Do you have an IT budget at your dental lab? What if you were able to offload your IT costs because you invested in cloud-based services?

With a cloud-based dental lab software, you do not have to buy expensive hardware and software or spend more money to maintain it.

Managing a dental lab can be tough work. You do not need to be an IT expert and you can focus on providing great service because your cloud solutions company handles your database.

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Cloud Software Scales with Your Business

If your dental lab is small and you have the vision to grow, a cloud-based dental labsoftware can grow your lab.

You can get a cloud-based solution that offers different levels of service, which allows you to start small and upgrade as the need arises.

If you need to add more users, you can easily do that. That will save you from moving to a completely different platform to in order to grow your business.

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Easy Access to Information

The major advantage of a cloud-based solution is that you have easy access to information.

With a cloud-based dental lab software, you have all the necessary information in one place and can access it on any device.

You can easily track all your cases, manage tasks, and track invoicing and shipping from one place. You no longer have to go from one database to another to find what you are looking for.

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All of this for one low price

Responsive best design, easy to use on any device (Mobile, Tablet & Computer), Includes free training, 24/7 technical support, no long-term commitment and no hidden fees.

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Duration: 3 months

Storage: 2 GB

Capacity: 10 doctors

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Duration: 6 months

Storage: 20 GB

Capacity: 50 doctors

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Duration: 12 months

Storage: 50 GB

Capacity: 200 doctors

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20000 PKR / month